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Founded in 2006,
Inspired Generation’s ethos is driven by the pursuit of perfection and extreme attention to detail.

Our company’s DESIGN roots do not lie in passing trends but in enduring quality, elegant design, unspoken performance and STYLE that lasts.
Its PROPERTIES and INVESTMENT opportunities by contrast consider the latest market trends and sharpest schemes. The best opportunities are rarely marketed publicly, in order to find those opportunities what truly matters is the experience and ability to foster solid relationships.


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Our highly skilled team of professionals and trustful partners guarantee the most profitable off-market properties and development schemes to invest in; exclusive ready-to-move-in homes with inspiring design solutions and impeccable executions. Our extensive range of expertise ensures that we remain at the forefront of profitable deals, successful developments and inspiring design.

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Properties & development

Our strategy is good business sense, coupled with experience and intuition, which has become an art form in itself in being able to recognise and acquire new sites and investments with the potential for future growth for the business. Our process to increase your wealth through property investment is divided in 3 stages: identify & purchase, maximise value & efficiency and compose a proper investment’s structure.


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Complete Solution

Inspired Generation offers complete experience from inspiring ideas to complete project management service that goes beyond the limits of traditional expectation.

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Spatial awareness

The first step in designing a space is to understand all of its parameters. Before we create an inspirational space it needs to serve the purpose of use and need of the client.

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Our extensive design library is full of beautiful finishes in every colour, texture and pattern. Serving not only form but also function in order to provide extra comfort and purpose.

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We see lighting as an element to be seen by and not an element to be seen. It is there to give a mood without physical appearance and serve a purpose without notice. But time to time light can be used for architectural effect, seen for its shape and colour, for a grandiose and magnificent statement, for its size or to compliment the rest of the room.

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Furniture and

According to the need, budget and schedule we choose the type of furniture – made for masses, exclusive range or true craftsmanship. Inspired Generation’s design heritage is woven into the creation, offering not only intricate attention to detail but ground breaking originality married with quality.


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Audio-Visual Experience

We offer the very best Audio-Visual experience. From multi-room audio to the creation of a high end cinema experience we work with our clients to understand their requirements, to carefully plan the installation, drawing schematics for wiring and calculating exact speaker positioning for the very best acoustics.

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Home cinema

Advances in Film reproduction through BluRay technology enables consumers to enjoy full cinema quality sound and picture within their own homes. TV’s, projectors and surround sound audio can now be designed and installed into most homes as a retrofit or into a new room with little inconvenience. We are able to not only design the most beautiful home cinemas, but prescribe the components and install to deliver a true Cinema experience within your home.

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Home Control

If you want to know what is happening at home when you are away or just want to see who is at the front gate, a little peace of mind can go a long way. We are able to provide intuitive systems that protect you by incorporating your home lighting, door locks, video surveillance and intruder systems.

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Home Data Centers

The home Data Center is a novel extension of the central role that data centers now play in modern life. Whatever the motivation (security, passion for IT, lightweight web hosting or just as the ultimate technology), this level of connected house requires some adaptations, including upgrading power and network connections and running cable throughout a residential home.

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Home Fitness Center

We offer the full Fitness Center solutions according to the life-style, age and health needs. Machinery selection includes AMTs, bikes, core & stretch, elliptical, strength, treadmills equipment what are also possible to connect in Network over internet for more efficient and sophisticate experience.

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We have a strong relationship with many art galleries and artists around the world. Our expertise knowledge and extensive partner network give us the ability to track down exactly the right piece for your interior. In order to find and evaluate the world’s most valuable art pieces we use world renowned specialists.


Properties & Developments

We maximise returns on property investment by spotting and delivering the marginal gains others miss and achieve the maximum possible risk adjusted return on our projects.

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Inspired Design

Besides excellent and inspiring designs that are created with precise attention to detail, we also provide solutions that perform for today’s needs and allow  flexibility for tomorrow’s changes. 

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Inspired Generation’s global headquarters is located in Mayfair, London. For further information on Inspired Generation’s services, developments and properties please contact us using the details below. Please note that due to high demand all  meetings must be  pre-booked via email or phone.

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